About me

Thompson Rivers University, Bachelor of Arts (Communications & Public Relations)

Welcome to my online portfolio!

I am an Indian girl living in Kamloops, Canada. 

I am doing a major in Communication and Public Relations, and a minor in Marketing. I have worked several jobs in events, communications and marketing, and hope to make a career in one of these fields.

My passion to make it big and hard-work has brought me so far and I want to share the journey with you through this portfolio.

I am funny, easy to get along, helpful, love shopping and funny!


Fun facts: #my coin collection includes Harrappan coins (one of the oldest civilizations discovered)

#I’ve traveled to 3 continents and plan on travelling to 3 more in the next year

#I fluently speak 2 languages

#My mother is a national award winner for her painting and I am lucky to have a few of her creative skills.

Oh and did I mention that I love food?

Contact Teshu Agarwal 

email: teshu.ag@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/teshu-agarwal-053588a9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teshu.agarwal

Instagram: teshuagarwal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teshuagarwal

And don’t hesitate to leave any comments on my posts 🙂